Dante e i Pink Floyd

Dante e i Pink Floyd – The moon, the Sun e l’altre Stelle
Alpafima e Mimmo Sambuco

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri

Dreamlike encounter between Dante and Pink Floyd
Music and poetry show

With this show we combine the vision of the father of the Italian language in the episodes of the songs of the Divina Commedia, introduced and recited by Mimmo Sambuco and the music of Pink Floyd, performed by Alpafima. This music, in fact, lends itself very well as a soundtrack to the Divina Commedia. The songs of Pink Floyd have assonance with the themes dealt with by the great poet: topics that still today are inherent in the nature of men. A few examples to corroborate these correspondences: Paradiso XI, Dante reflects on the senseless attachment of the living to earthly goods, fame and power; Pink Floyd do it in the song Money. In the last canto of Paradise Dante receives the grace to see God and describes him, Pink Floyd with The great gig in the sky praise the great show that is the universe.


Involve students and teachers of schools, offering this part of literature and conveying it with the contamination of rock that has become classic. Also propose to lovers of Pink Floyd music and beyond, a moment of poetry that wants to be an added value to the sounds and lyrics of the British group.